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Our Legacy

Our international business legacy has crossed borders and continents througout generations and began from our ancestral roots in our family from Italy, Ecuador and beyond.

Our Italian Heritage

Emilio Baracco

Don Emilio Baracco was born in Finalmarina, (Finale Ligure) in the Liguria Region of the Italian Riviera in the 1800's and traveled to the Americas in search of business with North American and South Americans companies. His business consisted in the production of wine and other products to export from Italy to the Americas. Travel records show Mr. Baracco traveled 1st class to New York  and continued his trip to Argentina, and around the tip of South America until he established himself in Guayaquil, Ecuador. It is also known that he traveled to California bringing with him the grape strains from Italy for the production of wine in California. Emilio was the older brother of Giuseppe Baracco, considered as one of the heroes who volunteered as part of the "1000 volunteers of Marsala" in the italian reunification campaign with Giuseppe Garibaldi. Mr. Emilio Baracco left two daughters in Ecuador, Emilia and Esther. Emilia Baracco is our direct ancestor from our Italian lineage.

Emilia Baracco Martinez, born in Guayaquil Ecuador and daughter of Emilio Baracco, and mother of our company's founder

Mr. Rafael Emilio Lainez Baracco.

Giuseppe Baracco

Giuseppe Baracco was a Naval Captain and the brother of our direct ancestor Emilio Baracco. Records show that Giuseppe volunteered as part of the "1000 volunteers of Garibaldi" or the "I Mille di Marsala" in the expedition to reunify Italy in the 1800's. He was born in Finalmarina (now Finale Ligure), Liguria Region near Genoa and he participated with Giuseppe Garibaldi in the Sicilian Campaign as well as other military campaigns to reunify Italy. He later emigrated to South America and settled in Peru, where he lived with his family the rest of his life.

Our Ecuadorian Heritage

Rogelio Eustaquio Lainez Lainez

Don Rogelio Lainez was born in Guayaquil, Ecuador and he began his Export and Import business in 1925. He was one of the most influential businessman in his city at the time and he used to import products from Germany, Italy and France.

Company seal from Casa Importadora Lainez in 1925

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